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What food is possible on a sailing yacht. What dishes can a hostess prepare?

Sailing yachts of 30 to 55 feet long provide limited food storage, fridge space and cooking facilities. As a result recipies that can be prepared onboard a sailing yacht are limited.

For breakfast the hostess typically serves fresh bread and sometimes croissants, butter, jam, honey, tea, filter coffee, yogurt, yogurt with fruits, cereals, fresh fruits, juice, bacon, ham, sausages, eggs.

The light lunch is usually traditional Greek food such as Pasta with sauce & salad; Roasted chicken & potatoes & salad; "Briam" ( zucchini, eggplants, potatoes, onion, peppers, carrots, parsley altogether baked) & salad; Greek stuffed tomatoes/peppers; Pork, veal or lamb with fresh onion and spices (usually in red sauce or with mashed potatoes) & salad; Risoto (rice) with seafood & salad & olives; Cretan rusk-bread, tzatziki dip & extra virgin olive-oil possibly assorted with a variety of other appetizers / local salami,variety of spinach pie, mushrooms a la cr?me, or fried eggs, french fries, fried Greek cheese Choriatiki salad - easy to prepare onboard sailing yachts while on charter in Greece

Cost of food at the supermarkets (and the small markets in the islands) in Greece, is slightly higher compared to the cost in European cities.

Having dinner out in a local restaurant / "taverna" with 1 appetizer, 1 main course, proportion of a "shared" salad and bottled wine of moderate quality, will cost you 15-20 Euro per person. (Service & Tax included)