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What happens during check in (boat briefings) & checkout?

Upon embarkation the charterer and his or her party will be given general briefing covering the local cruising grounds. Questions about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, or any part of the desired itinerary can be answered.

A more specific boat briefing aboard the yacht will then be given, covering all the operating systems, including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems. The same detailed list of the entire inventory of the yacht will be the basis of delivery and redelivery of the boat. Charterers should pay special attention to this procedure and make sure they have examined and posess all parts of the yacht and handling manner of the entire equipment. Signing of the "acceptance statement" or hand-over form justifies the formal, actual and absolute acceptance of the vessel by the charterer.

Upon return of the boat the owner or an Aegean Wind representative will thoughroughly inspect the yacht and all of it's systems/hardware to determine if any damage has occurred and that all equipment is present. As part of this procedure it is typical to have a diver inspect the boat underwater. This is also the time when refueling is done. If all is ok the charterer will be returned their refundable security deposit.