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Do I need a sailing license to charter a bareboat sailing yacht in Greece?

To charter a sailing yacht in Greece it is necessary for one crewmember (skipper) to have sailing certificates proving his competence. In any case, one certificate/license or competence resume should be available. This certificate can be any kind of "paper" issued by a "yachting" authority such as sailing clubs, sailing schools, yachting/sailing associations, established charter companies, etc. 

Due to the reason that in many countries no certificates are compulsory, the license of the skipper can be exceptionally replaced by a self-declaration form, where the skipper declares he has sailing experience and will undertake responsibility of yacht and crew. In such a case your sailing resume will enable the charter company to assess your ability to sail in safety. Aegean Wind reserves the right to insist that charterers hire a professional skipper if their sailing skills are not judged sufficient during the hand-over procedure at the base of departure.